Converting the Hari WordPress theme into a Google Sites template

If you love the design possibilities of WordPress themes but prefer the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of Google Sites, you're in the right place. See my collection of Google Sites templates that capture the essence of popular WordPress themes.


In the world of web development, we often encounter the need to adapt and innovate. Google Sites, with its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Google Workspace, has become a popular choice for individuals and organisations looking to create impactful websites without the need for extensive coding. In this article, we will explore the exciting process of converting the Hari WordPress theme into a captivating Google Sites experience.

Why Google Sites?

Google Sites offers a unique set of advantages that make it an appealing platform for web development. Its simplicity, collaborative features, and cloud-based infrastructure make it an ideal choice for projects where ease of use and accessibility are paramount. By leveraging the power of Google Sites, you can take your website to new heights without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics.

Understanding the Hari WordPress Theme:

The Hari theme, known for its elegant design and versatile features, is a popular choice among WordPress users. Converting this theme to Google Sites requires careful consideration of design elements, layout, and functionality. While Google Sites may not offer the same level of customisation as WordPress, its strengths lie in simplicity and collaboration.

Steps to Convert Hari WordPress Theme to Google Sites:

Content Mapping:

Google Sites setup:

Layout and structure:

Typography and colour:

Media integration:

Responsive design:

Collaborative features:


Converting the Hari WordPress theme to Google Sites may involve some adjustments, but the result can be a streamlined, collaborative, and visually appealing website. By understanding the strengths of both platforms and carefully mapping your content and design elements, you can create a Google Sites experience that captivates your audience while harnessing the power of Google's ecosystem. Embrace the versatility of Google Sites, and turn your vision into a reality with a website that combines the elegance of Hari with the simplicity of Google Sites.